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Increasing efficiency with digital Gemba walks

In the digital era, the transformation of traditional Lean Management methods is indispensable. A prime example of this is the digital Gemba Walk. This tool revolutionizes how companies monitor, analyze, and enhance their production processes. In this article, we examine how the digital Gemba Walk not only boosts real-time efficiency but also enhances traceability and analytical capabilities.

What is a digital Gemba Walk?

A digital Gemba Walk represents the evolution of traditional Gemba Walk methodology by integrating digital tools and technologies into the process of observing and analyzing workflows. Unlike the conventional Gemba Walk based on direct observation and notes, the digital Gemba Walk utilizes specialized apps and software to efficiently capture and analyze data and feedback.

Efficiency Improvement through Digitalization

Digitizing the Gemba Walk allows for real-time feedback and advanced data analysis. For instance, with the Stickfish Gemba Walk app, multiple diverse checklists can be utilized daily, ensuring relevant audits are consistently conducted. Each item on the checklist can be rated on a scale of 0-100%, and it’s possible to add comments, include images, and record values for each point. This method of data collection eliminates unnecessary paper and manual data transfer.

Enhanced Traceability and Analysis

Digital tools significantly enhance traceability in production. When items on the checklist receive low ratings, they are automatically marked as critical, requiring immediate attention. Across all checklists, a comprehensive report can be generated, facilitating easy identification of improvements or deteriorations. This provides profound insights into production processes and fosters continuous improvement.

Triggering Immediate Actions

Various industries have successfully implemented the digital Gemba Walk. In a case study utilizing our app, a production company significantly boosted its efficiency by making immediate corrections based on checklist data. The “Kaizen Blitz,” a feature of our app, enables immediate action to be taken for any checklist item with improvement potential, subsequently methodically processed through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act).

Future of the Digital Gemba Walk

The digital Gemba Walk is only at the beginning of its development. As technology progresses and there’s increased integration of AI and automated data analysis, digital Lean Management tools like our Gemba Walk app will continue to open new avenues for enhancing efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.


The digital Gemba Walk is more than just a digital rendition of a traditional method. It’s a vital component of the modern manufacturing landscape, offering companies the ability to monitor and improve their processes in ways previously unattainable. With improved traceability and analytical functionalities, it introduces new paths for efficiency enhancement and process optimization.

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