Our story

About us


2023 Lemaboard - Digital Lean-Management

In addition to data collection and processing, the need for apps for the shop floor area is increasing. The digital shift book and the Andon board were the first apps. Other apps follow with Gemba, Kaizen, 5S, Muda etc. and finally the Lemaboard app suite for digital lean management is formed.

2022 Cell Controller

Stickfish debuts its cell computer at AMB Stuttgart trade fair, offering direct control operation for graphic assignment planning, range display, tool balance calculation, NC program management, and digital shift logging at the machine level.

Robotic Process Automation

2021 Process Automation

What we have always done with our data hub is becoming its own product line. RPA or Robotic Process Automation, Digital Worker or Business Process Automation are common names. With the data hub as a basis, we develop exciting solutions with quick benefits in many new industries and areas.

Office Schörfling

2021 Office Schörfling

We are moving our headquarters to a state-of-the-art facility in a thriving commercial area. This strategic move not only gives us sufficient space for our current activities, but also positions us for future expansion and innovation.


2020 Modular app framework

We initiated the development of a framework for our apps known as the Stickfish Factory Manager. This modular kit serves as the foundation for apps linked to the Stickfish data hub. Following the framework's creation, an increasing number of apps have been gradually built upon it. By the end of 2020, we had already developed over 20 apps, including those for shop floor management, tool life analysis, resource balance, and more.

2020 Office Hagenberg

In addition to the main location in Schörfling, the second location will be opened in early 2020 with our office in Hagenberg. Softwarepark Hagenberg is a university, research/technology and start-up center in the municipality of Hagenberg im Mühlkreis in the district of Freistadt, Upper Austria. At Business Campus One we are in the midst of educational institutions and innovative companies related to IT.

2019 Business Intelligence

SStickfish Software became a QlikTech® reseller, utilizing Qlik-Sense® for data analysis from the start. This partnership offered customers a one-stop solution for data acquisition, preparation, and analysis. In 2023, the partnership concluded as the focus shifted towards proprietary apps, but Qlik integration remains available.

2019 Short-Term Planning App

To address real-time resource balancing and short-term planning optimization needs, we innovated a detailed planning module featuring a digital Kanban board. This module incorporates machine data acquisition and other relevant sources, marking another significant milestone in our product development.

2018 Conversion to Stickfish Software GmbH

After the first successfully implemented projects, Stickfish Software OG was converted into a GmbH in early 2018. In the meantime, larger companies are also becoming aware of Stickfish Software's innovative products and are starting successful pilot projects with us.

2018 Stickfish Data-Hub

The central product, Stickfish Console, is highly adaptable with various preconfigured interface plug-ins, emphasizing expertise in connecting machines and controls. Over time, the console's functionality and applications have expanded significantly, converting big data into actionable insights through numerous visualizations. Hardware for machine control cabinets has also gained importance as a crucial addition to the Stickfish product and service offerings.

2017 Foundation of Stickfish Software OG

The concept of a central data hub originated during a casual gathering of three individuals (Thomas Freinbichler, Thomas Trenker, Thomas Mamoser) at a fish frying hut, indulging in the Bavarian and Upper Austrian delicacy known as "Steckerlfisch." This traditional dish involves skewering fish from nearby rivers and lakes onto wooden sticks for grilling. When it came time to choose a project name, it became evident that the place of its inception would provide inspiration. The somewhat whimsical but fitting name "Stickfish" was derived from "Stecklfisch." The core objective was to streamline the common interface challenges with flexible software and implement end-to-end networking and data analysis in production. After numerous discussions, prototype development, and programming efforts, Stickfish Software OG was officially established in early 2017.

What drives us

Avoid wasting time and resources

In our corporate culture there is a strong focus on avoiding waste. We have successfully done this by implementing lean management apps like Leanboard. These apps enable us to continuously optimize our processes, minimize waste and use resources effectively. We see eliminating waste not only as a cost-effective measure, but also as a way to work in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. By eliminating waste, we lay a solid foundation for our second driving theme: increasing efficiency.

Increase efficiency

Increasing efficiency is an essential part of our way of thinking. We very soon created the basis in this respect by introducing our data hub, many interface plug-ins and apps for machine data collection. Real data enables us to monitor, analyze and optimize production processes. Maximum performance is achieved by combining lean management apps to eliminate waste and machine data collection to increase efficiency. These two issues are interconnected and form the foundation of continuous improvement efforts. With our apps we support our customers to stay competitive.